I would say we but really its just me by myself. I am an artist who goes by the name of Musa Skhosana. I currently reside in a small town called Phalaborwa, of course there is a mysterious town of people living here, and yes I am a Graphic Designer. I am an employee by day and designer by night. I am properly trained and qualified in this field. A qualification in Graphic Design is what I have in this pocket of mine, or rather file. I worked with a number of clients and companies, both formally and informally, so customer satisfaction is no secret to me. I am proficient in Adobe Suite programs, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver Acrobat  Pro, and others to name of a few. Corel Draw programs are also my strong suit. I have been doing this for a couple of years now.


There also comes a time when I had to change my style a bit over the couple of years, I started to like making websites, and 3d models (both digital and printable ones). This has led me to expand my experiences and widen my horizon of thinking. If you can make a poster then you can make it move right (normally, not really) but if you are determined you can do it. Thats what I did. Expand your reasoning and you will have less headaches, I think.


Last but not least I do not want this to feel like a one sided interview, so I want to talk about my interests. Besides designing graphics, or editing. I take a great deal of sketching, yep sketching is fun for some people like me. I can put on paper with a pencil and eraser what I could not do on video, well not yet. I am also a reader Science fiction, fairy tales, comics the likes. I can read almost anything I put my eyes on. Well there you have it my mostly complete profile laid out to the rest of the world to see. Since written contact can never replace the real encounter. Musa Skhosana was here. If you wish to to view or contact me you are free to use the contact form or at +27 74 317 1414

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Pictureillusion and everything that is made here is a product of Musa. If you wish to purchase to own the products with 100% ownership kindly contact the team of pictureillusion at musa@pictureillusion.co.za



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